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Recs: There's Something About A Malfoy - and SEQUEL

A few years ago, a story called There's Something About A Malfoy took the hp_springsmut fest by storm. It's always fun to see momentum building about a story like that, and so I was interested in checking it out...but there were Malfoys! Malfoys are not my favourite things, however pretty and blond they may be.

But there was also the summary, which I think is one of the better ones I've ever seen:

Charlie has no room in his drawers for anyone else's skivvies, Harry wallows in moral agony for a bit, Draco wants to rebuild his life, and Scorpius just wants Harry to stop being an idiot. And there's something wicked in the forest. If they're going to stop it, they're all going to have to work together.

That summary kept nagging away at me, until I eventually started reading...and then 27,500 words later, I'd finished it in one sitting. Quite simply, it's one of the best combinations I've seen in HP fic of a really well-written, engrossing, plotty story with thoughtful characterisations and touching sex scenes that are hot while also adding to the plot.

Of course, now I know that the author was the lovely [personal profile] mindabbles, the brilliance of the story makes a lot of sense. :)

Anyway, I reread it again recently, and it was still engrossing second time around - and even more enjoyable, because I knew what was coming.

Why did I reread it? Because a while back I'd dropped [personal profile] mindabbles a prompt request for some kind of follow-up to There's Something About A Malfoy. And she delivered in spades!

Title: Something in the Air
Characters/Pairings: Harry/Scorpius, Charlie/Draco
Rating: NC-17
Summary: There's something awry in the forest—again. But this time, it's messing with his sex life and Scorpius is having none of it.

This story is only ("only") 6,000 words or so, but [personal profile] mindabbles manages to cram into that, apparently effortlessly, plenty of plot, more hot sex (well, it was posted to [ profile] daily_deviant) and the same, endearing characters. I loved it - it felt completely in keeping with the original story, but in a more bitesize format.

So, in short, if you haven't read There's Something About A Malfoy, now's your chance!

If you have read it, or if you don't want to read 27,000 words (although you won't regret it if you do) and are comfortable reading established relationship fic, then here is the sequel: Something in the Air.

Obviously, if you enjoy either of them, please do let the author know!

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