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Recs: HP Beholder

My favourite fest, [ profile] hp_beholder, is now going strong and has already featured oft-overlooked and unloved characters like Marietta Edgecombe, Millicent Bulstrode, Aberforth Dumbledore and Filius Flitwick. Here are a couple of my favourites from the first week of posting:

Run with the Pack, rated R, 5,000 words, Sirius Black/Aberforth Dumbledore. Summary: When Albus said he had seen a stray dog around the village and to leave him out scraps, Aberforth knew right away that there was no way that dog was simply a stray.

Oh yes, oh yes! This story features a very strong Aberforth voice, jaded and cynical, but just open enough for the old hurts to come through. Pair him with a Sirius who's still on the run during GoF and you have a wonderful set-up for a fic, which the author delivers on perfectly. The gradual coming together of the two characters, both outcasts, both starved of human contact, is beautifully done; each is a perfect foil for the other, but more importantly, each understands the other because they've both endured such great pain.

A little taster for you:

After Voldemort vanished, Aberforth had a hard time believing Sirius was responsible for those murders. But then he remembered that anger. Anger could drive you to complete madness.

Albus claimed now Sirius was innocent. Albus claimed whatever was convenient for him to claim, and so Aberforth hadn't thought much about it.

Aberforth looked down the corridor leading to the back expectantly, and suddenly there he was. Emerging from the shadows once again but as a man, not a dog, and still acting as if he owned the place. He smirked at Aberforth as he strode to the bar. Aberforth was careful to watch him with an expressionless face.

His robes were filthy but his hair was not the matted mess from his wanted posters. It was short, as it had been when he was a boy, and he was still handsome, but something in his looks had changed. Like a person trying to regain health after a long illness.

He sat down on the stool right on the other side of the bar from where Aberforth stood. There was no longer anger in his eyes; it had been replaced with sadness. Aberforth knew a lot about sadness as well.

Run with the Pack on IJ - or read it here on LJ.

A Life of High Adventure, PG, 4000 words, Molly/Arthur. Summary: Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Molly Prewett who dreamed of a life of high adventure.

This is tagged Molly/Arthur, and the romance is lovely, but I'm tempted to class it as a gen piece about Molly because, really, that's who it's about. Again, the story has a very strong voice - a rather sweet, fairytale one albeit with lines of steel running through it, just as they do through Molly herself.

I've never seen this take on Molly before: that she comes from a much richer family than the one she marries into, and the pressures that this might impose on her as she grows up. I don't know that I really buy the whole pureblood class thing that many fans enjoy exploring (and fair play to them), but it works very well for this story, adding an extra dimension to the difficulties that we already know are in store for Molly and Arthur.


Either way, it’s a deep relief to be back at school, though she misses Gideon and Fabian terribly. And it is puzzling that Arthur hasn’t been more... noticeable until just now. He dances as naturally as a bird flies at the Yule Ball and she doesn’t even care that he’s wearing a set of dress robes that belonged to Gideon - they look just perfect on him.

And when he kisses her under the mistletoe...

Eventually someone tells them they’re blocking traffic and will you please bloody well move?

And they do.

Not to the Astronomy Tower, but to the stacks of the quiet library, where Molly decides that either kissing gets less credit than deserved, Christmas pudding is an aphrodisiac, or Arthur is quite marvellous at it. Subsequent returns to the library prove that it is actually Arthur.

There isn't enough Molly-and-Arthur fic in the world, but this is a lovely addition to the genre. Read it here on IJ or here on LJ.

And if you enjoy either of those, please comment to let the authors know!

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