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Molesworth the Hufflepuff

June 2013



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Molesworth the Hufflepuff

HP_beholder: wrap-up/follow-up

1. If you've enjoyed [insanejournal.com profile] hp_beholder in this or previous years, you may want to check out beholder_plus, a community set up by the lovely [personal profile] magnetic_pole to discuss the themes, characters and anything else relating to the fest (or, as [personal profile] magnetic_pole puts it, "the challenges and joys of writing unconventionally attractive characters in general").

2. Quite a few people on my friends list wrote for the fest, so I enjoyed trying to guess who was responsible for each story. I have my suspicions about several of you, although I won't voice them unless asked! I'm also curious to know whether anyone thinks they've figured out which story was mine, so feel free to leave your guesses in the comments, if you like. Comments are screened, and I won't be confirming or denying any guesses until reveals happen next week. :)

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I thought maybe Sunlight in the Garden was by you?

And if you have suspicions about mine, feel free to share them. *g*
No comment re your guess. :)

Although haha, you're one of the people where I kept thinking, hmm, I don't think I've spotted hers yet. However, I've narrowed down my suspicions to these two stories. I shall be very curious to know if I'm right, or if I missed something obvious!
As I said, excellent guessing! I didn't offer drabbles or anything for guessing, because I already owe a few - but I have dug out the Laura Murray drabble I drafted for you, um, a year or so ago, and will try and post it some time this week. :)