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Molesworth the Hufflepuff

June 2013



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Molesworth the Hufflepuff

Recs and nomination thanks

Couple of recs from the always wonderful [community profile] hp_beholder fest:

The Chelmsford List - Stan Shunpike/Mundungus Fletcher, R, 5,860 words. Author's summary: "Baffling Prison Escape + Wizards = Not Really All That Baffling. That's why this isn't an escape story. But it does involve wizards and prisons."

I'm nicking [personal profile] magnetic_pole's word for this: it's a brilliantly stylish fic about two dodgy wizards and what happens when they end up doing time together in a Muggle prison. It's appropriately gruff, hilarious and a little sweet. If you read, you will enjoy.

Adamantine - Millicent/Hooch, PG-13, 7,600 words. Author's summary: "St Mungos is turning people away and there are dozens of bodies heaped in the Hogsmeade cemetery, but it's not until Harry Potter dies that people start panicking."

If you enjoy a good dystopia (and I do), then this is for you. We know from the opening line that 1) this is not going to be a happy story and 2) we are in good hands. Millicent and Madam Hooch are the only two people left at Hogwarts with immunity to a disease that's sweeping wizarding Britain. With students and staff falling ill every day, Hogwarts is hanging by a thread, and various characters have to make some gut-wrenching choices. The supporting cast (particularly Pansy) is well-drawn, and the story is very well executed.

There are lots of other stories that I have my eye on over there, too, whenever I have a moment.

Secondly, a couple of my stories have been nominated for an award at hpfanficfanpoll (in the drama/angst category - LOL @ self for being so predictable). Because I fail at life at the moment, I haven't posted either story here yet, but you can read them at these links if you're interested:

Into the Silence, Snape, gen, PG-13, 5,500 words. Summary: Severus's year as headmaster of Hogwarts presents many challenges. Acceptance is the greatest of them all.

The Survivors, Petunia/Severus, NC-17, 3,900 words, WARNING for coercion and non-con. Summary: In the aftermath of Lily's death, Petunia's life is falling apart -- until Severus Snape turns up offering help. But Severus has his own reasons, and Petunia has never understood magic.

Thank you so much to whoever nominated these stories! I see I'm in good company in that category, too. *eyes xylodemon and pale_moonlite*

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It *was* stylish, wasn't it? I love running across a story like that.

I haven't been reading much fic lately. Looking forward to your two. M.