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Remixes and more

1. Remix has gone live, and as usual it's fascinating to see what someone has done with my stories! In this case, the writer picked up on a section in my Harry/Ginny story, Pilgrimage, which dealt with Harry encountering Petunia again, and expanded it to give us Petunia's viewpoint. Most of you know that I am fascinated by Petunia, and I really enjoyed my remixer's take on her. You can read it here - it's short, and all the HP story hit numbers are looking very forlorn, so do give it a try if it sounds interesting to you!

*In a huge coincidence, I was thinking about this very story the day before Remix, deciding that it's probably my favourite of my own H/G stories. Was I picking up some vibes from my remixer, perhaps? *g*

2. If anyone correctly identifies the story I wrote I will eat my hat (or at least, write you a drabble). Feel free to guess in the comments.

3. Does anyone feel like beta-reading a 7000-wordish gen story?

4. Comments screened for the purposes of items 2 and 3.

5. I am kind of failing at life at the moment. Sorry. :-/ Should be back soonish.

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