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Molesworth the Hufflepuff

June 2013



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HP trio

Timeline: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

I ended up making a timeline for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in order to get events straight for some of the stories I wrote last November and December. (I know there are other timelines out there. I'm just anal-retentive.) Writing it up for my own reference, and in the hope that it may be of use to others.

There isn't a lot to go on in several places, but some dates are pleasingly specific.


[date unknown:] Charity Burbage writes Prophet article and is picked up by Death Eaters. "Resigns".

In the week before chapter one: Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks marry.

Mid-July: Snape says (correctly) that Harry will be moved on "Saturday next". Yaxley says he has Thicknesse under Imperius. Floo Network is monitored. Voldemort takes Lucius Malfoy's wand. Charity Burbage is murdered.

Harry sees Aberforth Dumbledore in mirror. The Dursleys leave. Voldemort tortures Ollivander and learns about Gregorovitch.

26 July or earlier: Harry moves to The Burrow. Mad-Eye is killed; his body (and eye) disappears. Hedwig is killed. George loses an ear. Harry meets Ted and Andromeda.

27-28 July: Mrs Weasley keeps Harry, Ron and Hermione busy.

28 July: Harry tells Ginny that he has to kill Voldemort.

29 July: Hermione and Ron tell Harry their measures to protect their families.

30 July: The Delacours arrive.

31 July: Harry's birthday. Ginny: "There's the silver lining I've been looking for." Charlie arrives. Scrimgeour comes with Arthur Weasley; Remus and Tonks (Remus looking v. unhappy - Tonks is pregnant?) run away. Scrimgeour give sHarry, Ron and Hermione the snitch, Beedle book and deluminator.


01 August: Wedding. Fall of the Ministry of Magic. Scrimgeour murdered. A tracking jinx is put on "Voldemort". Harry, Ron and Hermione go to 12 Grimmauld Place. Death Eaters search The Burrow. Dedalus Diggle's house is burned. The Cruciatus curse is used on "Tonks's family".

02 August: Harry finds Lily's letter and RAB. "Kreacher's Tale". Harry sends Kreacher to find Mundungus. Pius Thicknesse is named Minister for Magic.

04 August: Two Death Eaters start keeping watch on 12GP. Remus Lupin comes to 12GP. Harry is "wanted for questioning", according to the Prophet. A register of Muggle-borns is being set up. Remus says Tonks is pregnant.

Kreacher reappears with Dung, who says Umbridge has the locket.

Late August: Severus Snape confirmed as headmaster of Hogwarts.

Voldemort kills a woman and probably her family in ?Germany, looking for Gregorovitch.

Next day: Harry, Ron and Hermione break into the Ministry.

Camping. Ron is splinched. Yaxley can get into 12GP. Ron stops them saying Voldemort's name. Voldemort kills Gregorovitch and sees the memory of Grindelwald stealing the Elder Wand.

Next morning: Harry, Ron and Hermione move to "outskirts of a small market town". Dementors are there. Harry can't cast a Patronus, because of the locket. They move again, to a "far-flung field belonging to a lonely farm".

Dirk Cresswell escapes Dawlish on the way to Azkaban.

Ginny, Neville and Luna steal the (fake) sword. Two days later, it's sent to Gringotts.

Endless camping. "Weeks". Autumn. Fallen leaves. Ted runs for it. Xeno Lovegood is printing all the stuff that the Prophet is ignoring. Harry, Ron and Hermione overhear Griphook, Gornuk, Ted, Dean and Dirk. Ron leaves, and runs into a group of snatchers.

Next day: Harry and Hermione move to a "windswept, heather-covered hillside".

Next few days: Misery.

"Many evenings": Snape facing "constant, low-level mutiny from a hard core of students." Ginny banned from Hogsmeade. Gatherings of three or more students forbidden.

"The weather grew colder and colder": Christmas trees appearing.

Around 17 December: Luna is taken off the train by Death Eaters.

24 December: Christmas Eve. Harry and Hermione go to Godric's Hollow. Voldemort follows and finds photograph of Grindelwald.

Ron leaves Shell Cottage.

25 December: Christmas Day. Harry comes to. He and Hermione read about Dumbledore's history with Grindelwald in Skeeter's book.

26 December: [early morning] Harry and Hermione move to the Forest of Dean.

[night] Harry keeps watch. The Silver Doe.

27 December: Trio again!

[evening] Hermione says they need to visit Xeno Lovegood.

28 December: The trio visit Xeno Lovegood. Harry realises about the snitch.

29 December: They move on again.

January, February

Rain "through the whole week".

"weeks crept on"

March, April:

[Late in the month, because events move swiftly from finding Potterwatch to Malfoy Manor; by the time they reach Shell Cottage, Bill is talking about all the Weasleys going into hiding and how it's a good thing Ginny's already on easter holidays; the easter holidays would've been around 29 Mar - 12 April:] Ron finds Potterwatch. Ted Tonks, Dirk Cresswell and Gornuk reported dead. Dean and Griphook escape. Xeno Lovegood is reported imprisoned. Hagrid on the run after throwing a "support Harry Potter party".

Harry says "Voldemort". Snatchers. Malfoy Manor. Voldemort kills Grindelwald. Bellatrix kills Dobby.

Next morning: Harry talks to Griphook and Ollivander. Weasleys go into hiding. Voldemort sends Snape back to the castle and claims the Elder Wand from Dumbledore's tomb.

"Next few days"

"Days stretched into weeks"

Ollivander goes to Muriel's. Teddy Lupin is born.


Harry, Ron, Hermione and Griphook go to Gringotts. From there, Harry, Ron and Hermione go to Hogsmeade. Battle of Hogwarts. (This is all in one day, stretching into early morning on the following day.)


Nice to see it laid out like this! Thanks!
You're welcome! Seemed a pity to leave it hiding away in a notebook.
that is awesome! thanks so much for sharing. :)
You're very welcome!
You're very welcome! Hope it comes in handy.
Awesome resource! I always feel like everything happens over the course of a couple of days in this book, with long stretches between those days. Bookmarking this!
Haha, you're kind of right about those two-day bursts of activity - but JKR does seem to have made an effort to sketch out the time in between. Glad to be of service. :)


Thanks for the timeline

Thanks for providing the timeline. I'm currently writing my last fan-fic book for my girls' christmas present and needed the Deathly Hallows timeline. Been having a hard time finding one that's useful.

I do have a quibble though (because it's where I'm stuck): from what I can glean, Harry and Company were snagged by the snatchers sometime in March and it is stated that it would be during Easter Holidays. A 1998 calendar states that Easter fell on April 12th that year, so I think JKR might have messed up.

Also, just from what I could decypher from the books, I think the bank robbery and Battle of Hogwarts would have taken place in April, not May. If you have evidence that says otherwise, could you please reply? That's where I'm stuck.

Re: Thanks for the timeline


so I think JKR might have messed up.

That is a conclusion I came to while making this timeline. :) Still. That's why I characterised the events at Malfoy Manor as "late in the month" [of March], because I did check the Easter dates for that year. And if Ginny is on holiday by that point, then it must be the very end of March, if not actually April, by the time they all end up at Malfoy Manor and then at Shell Cottage.

I don't really have evidence that says the Battle of Hogwarts takes place in May, except that the book says "weeks passed" between the events at Malfoy Manor and the bank robbery. Other timelines have always picked May for the battle, and I saw no reason to think it might have happened earlier - although if you have reason to think so, I'd be happy to hear it.

Best of luck with your story!